Become Demo of the week on Quintino’s – SupersoniQ radio

Submit your demo to Quintino this week and he will hand pick tracks to become Demo of the week on SupersoniQ Radio.

“Hi this is Quintino and I will personally reply to ALL entries with constructive feedback on how to improve your track and will give you some tips to promote your track.”

How to submit your entry
Buy Quintino – Go hard on Beatport and submit your demo along with link to a screenshot of your Beatport purchase.

Don’t know how to create a link to your screenshot? You can also email your track and screenshot (as attachments) to

Top30 is back

The charts were gone for a couple of months, but now they are back. You can see what tracks are currently most supported, and most talked about.

To have your track end up in the top 30, you need supports (aka likes) share your tracks with friends, family and followers.

You can also use to search what tracks are most downloaded, supported or commented in a certain timespan.

DemoDrop v5.0 is here

Today we updated the site with some new features and improvements.

New  dashboard
See everything that is happening on your account

New tracks import/upload
Import tracks from your Soundcloud or Dropbox

The groups section got a big update
Added some basic functionalities like editing/deleting and the ability to restrict groups by track types and genres. Also you can now  remove specific users from a group.

Next up: the profiles pages will get a new look and feel.
We plan to launch the new profiles at the end of april.




New audioprocessor is on it’s way

At the moment we are testing out a new audioprocessor which will be able to process virtually any audio file and will support a lot more file types for example: mp2, mp3, wav, aac, aea, aiff, flac, ogg, tta

We are planning to implement the new audioprocessor end this month