Track download settings

You can set a download settings for each of your tracks separately to one of these three options:

Public – Anyone can download, even people who are not signed in. (currently not available, will be added in the next demodrop update in sept 2014)

Shared – That means that all demodrop users can download your track, although they have to be signed in to download it.

Friends – All the people that you are following, and all people that are in your contact list (if you imported a contact list) can download your track. People that aren’t your ‘friend’ can request to download your track, you will be notified and can approve or deny the download.

Private – Nobody can download this track except you or the people you send it ┬áto (if you sent it with the download option enabled). if someone wants to download your track they can request it, and you’ll be notified and can approve or deny the download.

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