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You can set a download settings for each of your tracks separately to one of these three options:

Public – Anyone can download, even people who are not signed in. (currently not available, will be added in the next demodrop update in sept 2014)

Shared – That means that all demodrop users can download your track, although they have to be signed in to download it.

Friends – All the people that you are following, and all people that are in your contact list (if you imported a contact list) can download your track. People that aren’t your ‘friend’ can request to download your track, you will be notified and can approve or deny the download.

Private – Nobody can download this track except you or the people you send it  to (if you sent it with the download option enabled). if someone wants to download your track they can request it, and you’ll be notified and can approve or deny the download.

You can set a view settings for each of your tracks separately to one of these three options:

Public – That means that anyone can listen to your track. (even people that aren’t signed in)

Shared – Your track is visible to everyone, but only people that are signed in can listen to your track.

Friends – All the people that you are following, and all people that are in your contact list (if you imported a contact list) can see your track.

Private – Nobody can see this track except you or the people you send it  to.

You can download a track by clicking the download icon in the player at the bottom of the page.

The author of the track decides if the track is available for download to everyone, or just the people that he/she is following.

If the download setting of a track is set to private, you can request download permission.

In exchange for a download, you need to “support” the track (Read more about supporting tracks)

Note that for bootlegs, edits and mashups we were forced to disabled the public download option. Read more about that here.

When you want to download a track (which means you probably like that track) you need to support it. A “support” is basically a like.

Supports will be visible to all users, so that everyone can see which tracks have the most supports and thus are the most popular.

When you promote your track it will displayed to users that have not listened to your track yet.

Your track will be displayed in the suggested/inbox of users (depending on their inbox genre/type filter) and in the trending section in the categories to which your track belongs to.

The tracks are on rotation with other promoted tracks in the same pool, on every page the 3 tracks that have been displayed the least will be shown, that counter is reset every day so that every track get the same amount of exposure.

To promote your tracks you first need to upgrade your plan, and then go to My Tracks to select the tracks you want to promote

The track type “Original (demo)” is only for tracks originally created  by you.
Do not upload remixes, bootlegs or original tracks created by other artists/producers in this category.

Policy per 1 nov 2016
If you set tracks to “Original (demo)” other than music you’ve originally created yourself will result in a ban for this category, which means that you won’t be able to upload any more tracks of this type or in case of multiple violations even result in termination of your account.

We offer the ability to upload remixes and mashups, but actually a lot of remixes and mashups are infringing copyright of other tracks and/or artists.

This means that when we receive reports about tracks that are infringing copyright(s),  which we do every day, we are forced to take those tracks down, your account receives a penalty and we also block those tracks permanently for future uploading.

If you’ve received multiple penalties related to your account we can close down your DemoDrop account without notice.

The DMCA reports we receive are  done automatically by bots that are crawling the internet for organisations like RIAA and IFPI.


We as DemoDrop do not claim nor give any rights to the music that is available on our platform.

The users that post their music are responsible for determining the licensing for that music. If you would like to use their music in any way, you should check with the owner of the track for the required license for his/her work.


Did you receive a notification that your track has been removed from our platform due to copyright complaints?
Here’s what happened:

We receive copyright claims from organisations like RIAA and IFPI every day. The companies are actually scanning the internet and platforms like DemoDrop for tracks that infringe copyright for artists that they represent.

If they find track(s) that belong to their artists they send us a take down notice, and we are forced to remove the track.

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