Setting Up A Spotify Verified Artist Account

Setting Up A Spotify Verified Artist Account



Artists and labels can now create Verified Spotify Accounts.  Once your Verified Spotify Account is activated, you can start to build a community of fans who want to discover music through you. Each time you make a playlist or share a song, they’ll hear it.

Once verified, your account will be linked to your discography pages, making them easily searchable within the service.  Remember, “followers” are essentially users who you can reach directly whenever you have new music to promote.  You are creating a valuable direct-to-fan channel within Spotify.

How to Become a Spotify Verified Artist:

Step 1

  • Make sure your releases are in the Spotify store.


Step 2

  • Set up a new user account here.
  • Click “create an account using your e-mail address.”  Do NOT signup with a Facebook profile. If your artist name is already taken, don’t fret, choose the next best name, i.e.: ‘artist_name’Official or ‘artist_name’Music.  You will be able to change this to your proper name in the next step.


Step 3

  • Submit for verification here. (You may be required to create or log in to an existing Google account to use the submission form.)
  • You will need to include a URL to a hosted 200×200 pixel profile image on the form.


Step 4

  • Add one playlist to your account so it’s not empty upon launch.
  • Make sure to ‘right click’ on the playlist name > Make Public – otherwise it will not be visible.


Step 5

  • Copy and paste the playlist ‘HTTP link’ to share with your fans on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Copy and paste the ‘Embed Code’ to embed our web player and allow streaming directly from your website or blog.


Download the attachment below for Spotify’s Playlist Setup and Best Practices guide.

There is no guaranteed timetable for verification, but Spotify’s goal is 2-6 weeks.
If you are having issues with your profile, please make use of Spotify’s Support options:



Before talent level was comparative to social media following, who supported your track or even who retweeted you. There was a time when artists music had to speak for itself. The beginning of the electronic music takeover in North America. Somewhere between being called “EDM” -having structure, differentiation and people enjoying it for what it was;GOOD MUSIC. Here are a few tracks that have and will stand the test of time.

5. Porter Robinson and Mat Zo – Easy

Porter Robinson has stated  video games were a huge influence to his production style and it shines though in this banger. Solid production and a beautiful uplifting tune.

YouTube Plays 4.2 million

Label/Release: Ministry of Sound-13 April 2013

Best Comment: “I love it when genuine effort and attention to detail goes into a track. This is an example of that. Every aspect of it is obviously carefully thought out and shaped, and because of that it has longevity- there’s so much in it that you don’t get bored.”

4. Quintino and Sandro Silva – Epic

A track that some would say spawned the genre of BIG ROOM or EDM. This and Martin Garrix’s – Animals were tracks you could not ignore.  A solid two years went by with these being the peak of DJ’s sets all over the world. A heavy track that changed the way big dance tunes were made, a nice time stamp in dance music history.

Label/Release: Musical Freedom-3 October 2011

YouTube Plays: 18.5 Million

Best Comment: “This song changed EVERYTHING.”

3.  Eric Prydz – Everyday

Just around the time of the birth of the renowned ‘Pryda Snare’ although not as big as ‘Call on me” (which he often refuses to play at shows.) This track holds true to Prydz style; huge-uplifting-original-music.

Label/Release Date: Virgin Records-22 October 2012

YouTube Plays: 1.1 Million

Best Comment: “too short, 0/10”

2. deadmau5 & Kaskade-I Remember

A great track put together by two North American legends that put mainstream dance music on the map. Not to mention it was created in the height of both of their careers. Punchy bass and strong melodic synths-feels good.

Label/Release Date: Ultra-15 September 2008

YouTube Plays: 30 Million

Best Comment: “This song makes me feel like im covered in Jellyfish.”

1. Tim Berg – Seek Bromance

Before AVICII went all country on us and took over the world there was this gem. A song that gave us a taste of the Swedish producers unique style and range. This track attributed to the mass appeal of dance music and the beginning of AVICII’s career. The music video has some kind of double meaning which adds to the appeal.

Label/Release Date: Ministry of Sound-17 October 2010

YouTube Plays: 30 Million

Best Comment: “This has been my ringtone ever since it came out lol. I love this song.”


ADE to allow attendees 5 ecstasy pills each-legally




Summer is over in the northern hemisphere and the dance music world heads to one of the biggest events in the world-Amsterdam Dance Event. The Dutch know how to party and are taking a laid back approach to their drug policy this year. Attendees are allowed to have five ecstasy pills on them which is  four more than the rest of the Netherlands allows (the event is five days 14 Oct.-18 Oct.)

From what used to be considered a taboo drug policy the Netherlands seems to be leading the way in drug reform; considering the recent adoption of  legalized marijuana in parts of the US. Marijuana is not the only tourist attraction, in May the first Ecstacy Store was opened in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has always hoped that tolerance for drug use will promote a safer experience for visitors. The city has formed several partnerships to assist the festival including Jellinek, a drug testing center will extend its hours to assist in testing of pills.

Party on, Amsterdam.