Where Do DJ’s Get Their Music? (2017)

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“Good music has no expiration date.”

DJ’s are the kings of music discovery. You might hear a track by a DJ and not hear it again for another 6 months. A large amount of music DJ’s play is unreleased. But they also play older tracks that you would never find. Here are some of the best platforms to find music used by the worlds top DJ’s.




Uploading your music to SoundCloud is like living in the Matrix. You are praying the copyright bots won’t find your music. Originals are easy to find but remixes and mashups are becoming more and more scarce.

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SoundCloud caters to everyone not just DJ’s. There are no DJ playlists or top listings. The repost function is becoming more and more of a stock exchange among popular artists. You need to dig to find what you are looking for. That being said there are still some great tracks on SoundCloud and only on SoundCloud.  Go here to check out SoundCloud.




Beatport was once the largest digital DJ music store in the world. It offers a top 10 list that used to be valued by DJ’s and producers. Beatport has also become unreliable for making payments to artists on the platform. What used to be the holy grail of dance music is now a financial mess.
The best thing about Beatport is the sound quality of the tracks and the many dance music genres. Top DJs’ track lists will help you find the best tunes also. Go here to check out Beatport.

Shazam your way through DJ sets.

This is one of my favorites and probably the least known. Shazam has an amazing catalog and I have Shazam’d tracks from some of the most underground DJ’s (Marco Carola, Solomun etc). The best way? Go see one of your favorite DJ’s and when you hear a song you like do the Shazam dance and try not to act like a nerd starring at your phone while the Shazam wheel spins. Give it a shot at your next rave or festival you will be surprised.  Download Shazam here.



Traxsource is the underground music store. They provide the underground music downloads in high-definition WAV and MP3 format. If you are into Techno and House music this is a good place to look.

Tracks are available in DRM free 320 kbps MP3 and  CD Quality WAV format. Go here to check out Traxsource.




DemoDrop is a social network for DJs and producers who want to share their tracks with others.
You can submit your music to DJs, producers and record labels to receive support and feedback.
DemoDrop also allows you to download those tracks as long as you support or upvote the producer. DemoDrop has a top 10 chart and a trending chart for new uploads that are performing well. Please visit their official website for more information and create an account. Go here to check out DemoDrop.



YouTube is a hidden gem for new tracks. DJ’s have streams or videos of their live sets often containing track lists. Where else better to get new music from than other DJ’s?
In the comments section you can find track names from other crate diggers. Go here to check out YouTube.

What are some of your favorite places to find new music?


Spotify is becoming more and more popular among the DJ community. While they still have a weak catalog as far as remixes go they still have a ton of good tracks. Even better festivals and DJ’s are crafting playlists that make it very easy access a large list of tracks from your favorite DJ’s, what more could you ask for?

Get Creative

Being a DJ is about adapting to your crowd and making that crowd dance! Most DJ’s these days are playing the music they like and they THINK everyone needs to here. Make sure you are in the right environment to play what the crowd will like or you will never get booked or grow your following! Do your own digging and find the tracks that define your sound.

Happy digging!


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