Study Proves Dance Music Boosts Your Productivity

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A recent study conducted by Mindlab International found that nine out of 10 people perform better when listening to music while working.

The experiment: 26 participants had a series of tasks to complete every day for five days, some days with and some without music. Over 80% of participants produced their fastest and most accurate work when listening to music as opposed to nothing at all. Mindlab’s Dr. David Lewis summed up the role of music in the workplace.

 “music is a powerful management tool if you want to increase not only the efficiency of your workforce but also their mental and emotional state” 

Dance music resulted in the highest accuracy and fastest performance among different tasks. Solving equations, mathematical word problems, and abstract reasoning tasks were all accomplished more effectively with a driving rhythm of dance music.

Next time the person next to you has Tiesto leaking through their earbud don’t judge-they are likely working harder than you!

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