DJ’s ONLY: 6 ways to double your fan base.


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1. Build a brand and have a long term vision.


Warning: if you want to just create music for the sake of art you will not enjoy this article. I hate to take the romance out of it but artists, DJ’s and bands are products. You offer value and people/consumers will give you money in exchange for the value you offer. If people value your music they will pay money to go to shows and will listen/download and hopefully share your music. Keep in mind when coming up with a DJ name that it should be easy to say and remember. Plan to make it big and have a vision of where you want your music career to go.


Do you know who this is? Good branding.


2. Get a better logo.

You can easily find someone to create a high quality logo for your style of music on behance. Stay away from $5 logo websites because they are of poor quality. Behance is facebook for graphic designers where you can find talented designers that are still in school looking to make some extra cash. $100 will get you a nice logo with a few modifications. Have an idea of what you want but give the designer as much freedom as possible.

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3. Get a job.


Have a favorite venue you would like to perform at? Get to know the people who work and run the place. Clubs and venues are always looking for young outgoing people to either work at or promote their venue. Once you get in it will be much easier to play some opening spots and work on your live performance. This will also give you an insight to the booking process and how the entire venue works.

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4. Practice your elevator pitch.


When someone asks you what you do what do you say? “I’m in school” or “I work at ____” for example you should say: “I am a music producer I make future house remixes and also produce my own original work.” This will get them asking questions and you can guide them to your website, DemoDrop or SC. It is up to your skill as a producer to win them over. Speak with confidence and own who you are and what you want to be.

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5. Be social and commit to it.


Social media is now an integral part of being an artist and a very strong promotional channel for your music if you do it right. Just because Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat exist does not mean you need to have one. Only create an artists page on these platforms if you are confident you can create quality content on that platform! For example if you are going to sign up for Twitter and not tweet at least 3 times a day, retweet and engage then do no sign up for it. Same thing goes for every social platform. Also, If you are going to invest in a website make sure you can pay and renew your hosting. I see so many artists with abandoned webpages-this will lose you listeners.

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6. Use the Human Element


Many artists have just a logo on their page and the listeners/fans have no idea what they look like! As humans we interact and gravitate towards images of faces more than anything else. Spend some money on a professional photographer or have a friend with a nice camera get some decent shots of you. Photos of you performing are even better.

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Please reach out if you need guidance or tips on how you can grow your career as a DJ/ Producer. That is what we are all about.