DJ WARNING: How to protect yourself against copyright take-downs on SoundCloud

SoundCloud. Loved, hated and much discussed. It’s a business card for artists, a showcase of artists skill. The portal which makes a variety of sometimes ridiculous changes to the platform- “Copyright Takedowns ”  i.e. the deletion of songs of various artists for copyright protection – and users HATE IT.



“Wheres the love SoundCloud?”

Why tracks being taken down for copyright: After several negotiations with the three major labels – Universal , Sony & Warner Music – SoundCloud was forced to put in place copyright infringement technology that crawls SoundCloud looking for sound recordings in their system . By doing this SoundCloud has completely written off the creators, remixers and artists that helped build the platform into what it is today. Say goodbye to what used to be a great remix and bootleg culture. Now they have pivoted to go after original music and invited major labels to upload their catalogs behind the SoundCloud Go Paywall.


The price for this: For DJs and mashup artists who have built a following on the platform are walking on glass every time they upload a remix or mashup. There is no way to find out if the track will be detected by SoundCloud copyright software. SoundCloud has a “three strikes and you are out” rule in place meaning if three tracks are detected your channel will disappear forever. Losing a valuable fan base, comments on music and connections made through the platform.

So what if you want to share your music on SoundCloud without running the risk that your account will be deleted?


Here are some tips:

1. No remixes, mixtapes, mashups or edits

Granted, this tip could also come from Captain Obvious, but it is actually important. SoundCloud does not condone copyright infringement, everyone should know this by now. Of course, remixes are clicking magnets and are a natural progression for up and coming producers, however the labels hate remixes because they are not compensated for the work they own being used.

2. Check your old uploads on copyright – and delete them!

Have you already uploaded mashups, mixtapes or bootlegs? If so you run the risk of getting a strike on your channel. The Content ID system of SoundCloud is continually evolving and will continue to become more advanced as time goes on. Just because you have an old remix does not mean it is safe.

3. Scatter your music

By choosing only one platform to do you marketing work you run the risk of your music disappearing without notice. What if your account is deleted? Spread your musical products so on multiple platforms. E.g .: Demo Drop is great for mashups, remixes and even some originals, Mixcloud can also be great for live mixes and DJ sets. Have one website where you can display all of your accounts like this. Stay active on updating your music on each platform.

Screenshot 2016-07-23 at 10.24.06 AM


4. Why risk it?

If you still want to upload your mashups or live sets on SoundCloud, there are a few annoying ways to override the automatic system. You can always make multiple account but who wants to deal with that? Why assume the risk? Many DJ’s and producers have migrated to DemoDrop where they can upload their music in a stress free environment. DemoDrop is socially integrated with Facebook, Twitter and you can even migrate your music directly from SoundCloud onto DemoDrop making the transition even easier. 

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