How to get your music to your favorite DJ’s





The internet has opened a new world when it comes to connecting with our favorite people. We can keep track of almost any public figure through social media. With so many ways to connect it is actually getting harder to get in touch with DJ’s and artists who have a massive following. On a daily basis they get hundreds of Direct Messages, Emails, Tweets etc. Here are a few tips to get your music into your favorite artists inbox.


`1. Do some research.


Who is your favorite DJ? Yes, you may know their music but how much do you really know about them? Do some research and find out key information like: who their manager is, what label are they signed to, where do they tour, and where are they getting their music from. Are they on DemoDrop? All of these can be found by doing simple google searches. Once you have done some digging you can start to formulate the easiest way to get to them.


  1. Get out from behind your computer.


I love social media but still prefer the real world. Most young people think everything is done over the internet, not true. You need to GO OUT to clubs/festivals where your favorite DJ’s are playing. Meet people, make friends, find out who is who. Getting in touch with an artist’s Tour Manager or Manager is actually more important than meeting the artist. When you meet an artist they will direct you to their manager as soon as you ask for contact info anyway- your best approach is to buddy up with the manager/tour manager from the start. Get to know them and ask “what is the best way for me to get my music to (artists name)” they will likely give you an email or a link to a demo submission site.


  1. Be transparent.


Put a face to your profile or email you are sending music from. Try to add some context when you send music to people ie how you found out about them, have you seen them live? Mention these details in a short sentence as well as a few details about yourself. KEEP IT SHORT! Do not go on a tangent about how you have been producing music for years and all you need is some help-be brief and don’t sound desperate. Also have a photo on your email or a social page, people connect to faces not letters or logos.


  1. Be honest with yourself.


Is your music really that good? Is your mom and little brother your only fan? Put in the work and be honest with yourself and where you are creatively. You should feel your music is something that this artist is missing out on. If you do not have that feeling, do not waste their time or more importantly your own time! Put in the work, sometimes you only have one shot.


  1. Persistence.


“Oh I emailed Diplo but he never got back to me, I tried.” No you did not. You need to be persistent when it comes to reaching out to people. Follow up, follow up, follow up, eventually someone will answer but no one answers on the first ring! I had a DemoDrop user ask me if I had the contact for a specific artist because he wanted to remix one of his tracks. I did a simple Google search and had his labels phone number and email. Some people don’t even try! Be persistent, offer value to the artist and NEVER GIVE UP.