An EDM timeline: then to now




April 2010: Tiesto plays the mainstage at Coachella Valley Music Festival to an unaware American crowd, contributing to the EDM buzz in North America.

June 2010: The last EDC is held in Los Angeles after getting kicked out of LA county. EDC launches in Las Vegas in a venue with 5 times the capacity.

December 2011: According to Google, dubstep reaches it’s peak.

June 2012: Robert F.X. Sillerman attempts to buy a sub-culture and spends $1 billion buying up companies related to EDM events and culture.

June 2012: Swedish House Mafia breaks up.

October 2012: Calvin Harris’ 18 Months Record begins to cross over into pop with tracks featuring Florence Welch, Rihanna, Kelis and Ellie Goulding.


December 2012:  Among nominee’s Avicii, Calvin Harris and Swedish House Mafia-Skrillex wins the grammy for ‘Best Dance Recording’ with “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”

February 2013: SFX buys Beatport for an estimated $50 million.

February 2013: Baauer‘s “Harlem Shake” goes viral, continuing electronic dance music’s transformation from subculture into mass-media.

March 2013: Avicii goes country in a main-stage set at Ultra.

May 2014: EDM is worth a reported $6.2 Billion USD.

June 2013: Martin Garrix’s-Animals is released.



August 2013: Forbes places Calvin Harris atop its Electronic Cash Kings list, estimating his earnings at $46 million.

September 2013: Electric Zoo reports record numbers in attendance.

September 2013: Afrojack tells the New Yorker, “I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with all of this money.” Not a bad problem to have.

September 2013: Avicii peaks.

October 2013: SFX prices its initial public offering at $13 per share; the stock closes down 8.5 percent at $11.89, just shy of the highest it will ever reach. “SFX Stock Flops in IPO Debut,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

March 2014: SFX’s stock slips to $6.75, roughly half of its October 2014 IPO opening of $13.

March 2014: Replacing Avicii on the main stage of Ultra Music Festival, in a jab at Martin Garrix’s ubiquitous “Animals,” Deadmau5 plays a big-room version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

May 2014: “Saturday Night Live” mocks the corporate greed in EDM culture with “When Will the Bass Drop?” by Sam F

July 2014: On stage, mid-set, David Guetta stares into the void and realizes the futility of human existence.

August 2014: Forbes puts Calvin Harris in the top of its Electronic Cash Kings list, he is worth a reported $66 million.

September 2014: Replacing Avicii, Kygo knocks the panties off EDM fans with a vibey, slow tropical set leaving fans wondering if Tropical House is the sub-genre of the year.

January 2015: Zedd peaks.

March 2015: Beatport launches a free streaming app. It sucks.

May 2015: Calvin Harris peaks.

August 2015: Forbes places Calvin Harris atop its Electronic Cash Kings list. His earnings remain flat at $66 million.

August 2015: Martin Garrix leaves Spinnin’ Records citing “Creative Differences.”

September 2015: TomorrowWorld festival become “Mud World” as fans walk miles to find ubers, burritos and water.

February 2016: SFX files for bankruptcy.

March 2016:  SFX announces the selloff of Beatport.

March 2016: Avicii announces his intention to retire from touring, following his summer run of festivals and dates in Ibiza and Las Vegas.


April 2016: Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” resonates with old EDM fans as a new era begins.

EDM is not dead maybe the word is but dance music will always continue to grow and evolve. When dance music becomes to be mainstream it loses it authenticity, money becomes the new object and good art is held back by fame chasers. Who would have known half of Ultra’s main stage would be Trap DJ’s? It is an exciting time and with the advancement of technology puts even more people in the artistic realm. We will see more true artists emerge as bought fame through social media will continue to phase out the imposters.

Here’s to a bright future.