ADE to allow attendees 5 ecstasy pills each-legally




Summer is over in the northern hemisphere and the dance music world heads to one of the biggest events in the world-Amsterdam Dance Event. The Dutch know how to party and are taking a laid back approach to their drug policy this year. Attendees are allowed to have five ecstasy pills on them which is  four more than the rest of the Netherlands allows (the event is five days 14 Oct.-18 Oct.)

From what used to be considered a taboo drug policy the Netherlands seems to be leading the way in drug reform; considering the recent adoption of  legalized marijuana in parts of the US. Marijuana is not the only tourist attraction, in May the first Ecstacy Store was opened in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has always hoped that tolerance for drug use will promote a safer experience for visitors. The city has formed several partnerships to assist the festival including Jellinek, a drug testing center will extend its hours to assist in testing of pills.

Party on, Amsterdam.